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So, you think you have been financially responsible? Well, you can always refer to your credit scores to find that out. With lenders and employers, all analyzing your credit worthiness based on your credit report and score, it is important that you keep a check on what major credit agencies have to say about your financial habits.

According to Bankrate, Inc., over 70% of the credit reports have errors in them, which results in lower credit scores of consumers. It is your duty to understand and monitor your credit report on a regular basis and dispute these errors timely. If your dispute is found to be valid, the item is removed from your credit report and your credit score shoots up.

Free Credit Score Offers Compared

Nonetheless, the first step towards monitoring your credit report is, signing up for a free credit report and score offer that allows you unlimited access to your credit report, unlike the free credit report from government that you can access only once a year. By the time you get the government report from the same credit agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), you forget many details and are unable to make out the errors. Also, it doesn’t even mention a calculated credit score.

Hence, we recommend that you stop screwing your credit score anymore, and take charge of your financial situation before it’s too late. Below are the topmost credit score offers we have listed for you, take your pick from what suits your needs the best:



Known to uphold the best reputation in providing an extensive report on your credit, you cannot go wrong with Identity IQ. As you enroll with them, you receive free credit score and report from the three national bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

With Id Theft cases on an all time high, Identity IQ also backs you with their daily monitoring service that keeps you protected and alerts you as soon as any suspicious activity or signs of Id Theft are observed in your credit reports. This comprises of everyday vigilance of places that are often frequented by identity thieves, like financial black markets and chat rooms. Also, they constantly monitor if any credit applications are forwarded in your name. Hence, they use almost foolproof methods to ensure that your bank account numbers, credit card details, SSN, or any other personal data is not being utilized by identity thieves. There is a high possibility that Id thieves try to open credit card accounts and bank account by your stolen information. So, it is always a wise move to stay protected against identity theft and ensure a secure access to your financial accounts and personal data.

The 24*7 toll free customer service is another plus that allows you to clear your doubts with credit education and identity theft specialists. You are also guarded for any lost wallet incidence, as a single call helps you cancel all your credit card accounts at once. In spite of all the measures, if still by any chance you become an identity theft victim, you can still rely on them for guidance as they assists you during the recovery via their unit that is solely devoted to Id theft recovery.

Therefore, Identity IQ enjoys a definite edge over other credit offers, as you can expect the comprehensive identity theft protection along with unlimited access to your detailed credit report and score even in the trial period of 30-days. Even after the trial period is over, the peace of mind regarding identity theft and the access to 3 bureau credit report and score would only cost you, very affordable $14.99 per month. No credit monitoring service is even comparable to Identity IQ in offering these services.



Free Credit Score Offers Compared


In close competition with The IDENTITY GUARD® is Equifax. Also, offering a 30-day trial period, and tempting consumers with Id Theft Insurance of up to $1,000,000, Equifax is your next best choice. Gain your unlimited, FREE access to your Equifax credit score. If you are still confused about how credit score works, you will now know it all as they provide you great information about how you can better manage and understand your credit score. You are also given a better insight into the lender’s perspective and considerations when he analyses your credit score and credit report, when you apply for a loan with them. An Interactive Score Estimator™ is also made available that gives you a good idea about how certain things can impact your credit score. You may also seek advice about your case from their learned and helpful customer care executives.

The 3-bureau credit monitoring from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, alerts you via text message or email, whenever any hints of potential fraud or unusual activity are noticed in your credit files with the three bureaus. In short, Equifax gives you a free credit score, 3-bureau credit monitoring service and the much-needed financial tools for your assistance and to make you an informed consumer. Like IDENTITY GUARD®, you can cancel anytime within the 30-day free trial, no strings attached. All you pay later for their services after the trial period is, $14.95 per month, which is definitely worth the services you avail from them.


It is a known fact that a lot many lenders consider FICO score to evaluate financial standing of consumers. This also encompasses 90% of major banks as well that consider FICO score to arrive at their credit or loan decisions. FICO is like a different credit score brand in itself and utilizes a different set of algorithms and rules to calculate your FICO score. They are different from other credit scores that you get. You can get extensive information about your FICO Score and how lenders view your score. MyFICO is the only place where you can get your FICO Score. Prompt customer service is available to address your doubts. After the 10-day free trial period, you need to pay $12.95 per month to access your FICO Score every month. It all depends on your lender. If you think FICO Score is what you should keep an eye on, MyFICO is your only reliable pick.